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We counsel communities to help them build a brighter future.

The team of Jacob & Klein Law Firm and The Economic Development Group is a powerhouse of expertise that can help your community establish and administer Tax Increment Financing Districts (TIF). With more than 100 years of combined experience, we are two firms working as one that specialize in the creation and administration of tax increment financing and other innovative business incentives to:

  • Stimulate economic development
  • Enhance community vitality through creative growth solutions
  • Relieve local officials work relating to complex annual administrative responsibilities


A key to the success of establishing and administering a TIF District is hiring the right people the first time. You’ll work with Herb, Steve, Nic, Gwen or Paul, as recognized legal and economic development experts. Working with them is a team of professionals who can point to dozens of cases where their successful economic development strategies have made a difference to the community. We not only help create TIF Districts, but we provide ongoing services to administer and advise you on how to maximize TIF benefits for each public or private redevelopment project.

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Our involvement doesn’t stop after the legal documents are drawn. Throughout the life of your TIF District, we provide innovative solutions, negotiate with developers and other taxing bodies, provide legal advice and program administration – all to maximize the TIF District’s effectiveness.

  • We work with private developers and entrepreneurs who need TIF assistance to help jumpstart their Project.
  • We understand that TIF affects the community so we use a holistic approach and work with schools, counties and other taxing districts to ensure that the TIF Redevelopment Plan brings positive change to the community.
  • We’ve helped create more than 220 TIF Districts in Illinois which have retained or created more than 4,000 jobs and brought more than $2.5 billion of new investment to our cities. If you are just learning about TIF or have an existing TIF District, we can show you how to maximize the economic incentives and give you the tools you need to revitalize your community.


1. Establishing Tax Increment Financing Districts
2. Administering Tax Increment Financing Districts
3. Negotiating and preparing Developer Agreements and Intergovernmental Agreements
4. Coordinating Bond Financing and Other Creative Financing Procedures
5. Creating and Administering Special Development Programs
6. Educating and Networking within the Economic Development Community


The Economic Development Group, Ltd., (EDG), was established in 1999 to provide technical assistance and administrative support to local officials and developers in establishing TIF Districts. EDG was founded by Thomas N. Jacob, whose law firm had been advising communities’ economic development strategies since 1979.

In 2009, the law firm of Jacob & Klein, Ltd., was established by the merging of the law firms of Thomas N. Jacob & Associates and the Law Office of Herbert J. Klein.

Together, we combine integrity with the expertise and experience necessary to help our municipal clients utilize more than $57 million of new real estate tax increment each year, annually administer over 700 Intergovernmental and Redevelopment Agreements and assist communities achieve economic development through innovative and proven techniques.

To consult with our experts about your community’s specific needs, call our Bloomington office at (309) 664.7777 or our Peru office at (815) 223.7550.

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